23 July 2009

First Misstep on the road to me...

Chest pains.
Cold Sweats.
Nausea that won't go away.

This was my Tuesday...
Head to the med center. Apparently in town here one can only be sick between 8a and 8p.


Off to the city to the ER. Fabulous. 45 minutes later (after they get all their insurance information and apparently want to see if I REALLY am going to die before they admit me) I get to a waiting room.

Where I wait.

For 40 minutes before the doctor comes in and ask the same questions I answered for the male nurse.

And the female nurse.

And the intake specialist.

Seriously? I'm glad I wasn't REALLY having a friggin' heart attack.

BP is a little high. Blood tests, ECG, and XRay. Fabulous. $2500 later, and I have a definitive non-answer.

I already know it's not the appendix - that's been missing for years.

Chest xrays are clear and pretty. Sweet.

Not a heart attack. (Ok, truly I am happy about this.) Cardiac enzymes are good-show no sign of any trouble.

Sugar is good - family history, it's checked often.

Liver enzymes; not so good. They're a little high. Off to do an ultrasound on the gallbladder. Yippee Skippee. Yep, it's there, it's black, and it appears to be functioning.

Results at the doc's on Monday... I wish the nausea would stop.


Wien. said...

I apologize for not being punctual in reading your blog. I've been thinking about you recently and hope that you and all your body parts are still healthy. Catch up your blog for us, will ya? At least tell us you're there and what your plans are for the upcoming Veteran's day. I know I can count on you to not forget our heros.

As always,


Wien. said...

Ok, it's a week later. Where are you?