08 June 2009

life, continued...

ugh, don't even get me started about wireless routers and the pain in the ass therein to re-connect to the cyber world.

however, i am now live. and life is changing rapidly again...

another one out of high school and into college. am i to feel responsible for footing the bills? i will provide home and means, but the education is their baby. they can't fully appreciate what they don't have to work for - i sure didn't 'til my ass had to pay for mine.

a prodigal son returns home. (and his father wants to reconcile but that's a whole other story)

i am happily discovering my own life. and sadly dealing with my personal failures. does the shame ever completely disappear? ahh well.

i've taken a hiatus from school, and now back full force. i AM worth doing something with myself.

time for a reconstructive change... look for the updates - out with the old - yadda yadda yadda.

tater, dude, if you're out there, i'm still around... 2 years and i'm comin' down to hit the boat with you & the missus.

off to study.