01 March 2009


I have realized two of my goals this weekend... neither of them being getting my FRICKIN' homework done.

I have paid off my credit card. In full. *happy dance* holy mother mary of jeebus did that take frickin' forever. I always paid much more than the balance due, usually the monthly charge and interest (which alone is more than they make you pay) and another large chunk. I did not use it haphazardly. Long story, before the *TOAB let me go (like two weeks before) I had reserved a cabin in Tennessee for a four day weekend along with reservations for some plays and a couple shows me and the kids wanted to see down there, plus food and "stuff" for the trip. Had I not lost my job, it would have been paid off within the month. She told me at noon on the DAY I WAS LEAVING FOR VACATION, so I couldn't cancel without losing it all, and it had been 3 years since we'd done anything. Rather than ruin it for the kids, we went ahead and I told them on the way home.

* Twat of a Bitch

So now that is done... awesome. I am. Don't hate.

And, finally (drum roll please) for the first time in my nearly 29+ years, have bought myself new furniture. I have never owned a piece of furniture in my living room that did not first belong to someone else, either friend or family. I am now the proud owner of a very large, and VERY comfy oversize, stuffed, cushy rocker/recliner in the toastiest red. It is absolutely yummy! And, somehow without even knowing, goes perfectly with the deep red stripe in the multi-tonal afghan my mother made for me several years ago. Stellar! *does the hoopdie*

Even more awesomeness, the toasty red chair is now the proud sibling of the sofa and loveseat in taupe. The legs on them are deep wood, and do you know how difficult it is to find furniture with removable cushions anymore? Guess who did? Guess? Uh-huh. 'Coz I'm bad, I'm bad. You go girl, it's your birthday. Well, end of the month anyways. *grin*

My poor old couch. The cushions were so threadbare I couldn't even take the covers off to wash them because they would not have survived. I could no longer flip and switch them in any order to make them presentable. I was embarrassed to have people in my home. But it was a little trooper. More like a Nordic Viking. It should be sent to sea in a burning boat. I was sad. And as I moved the new furniture in, it was so pathetic looking, I had to hug it.

Anyhow, two more off the list.

Ooh! I feel GOOD... da na na na na na... I knew that I would, yea... da na na na na na. So good. (bom bom) So good. (bom bom)

And I feel awful about spending any money on it. Junior told me it was crazy to feel that way. I had raised them, and had never had any new furniture. She said I deserved it. She wants the red chair. :) She does not understand the concept of always saying no to stuff for myself so I could deal with emergencies or make sure they had what they needed. I am lovin' being the parent of adult kids. I RAWK!!! So the guilt is lessend. But hey, it's PAID FOR and IT'S MINE. Score! I owe nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Uno minus uno. You're hating; I can sense it.

Ooh, mental note. Update the insurance policy. Good thinking, Miss B.

Alright, enough celebrating... time to finish my final so I can start two new classes tomorrow. yay.

Woo hoo!

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