15 March 2009

file another one under lost weekends...

your body cannot handle any alcohol whatsover.
you cannot have just one drink.
you cannot have more than one drink.
you are poisoning yourself, and everyone around you. family, friends, boyfriend.
you cannot expect him to stay while you are screaming at him to leave.
you cannot keep him from leaving if you ask him to stay and he says no.
you cannot make him want to stay, or love you, when you are so hurtful.
you will not make him want to stay by following him around and creating disturbing scenes.
he is not your father; stop treating him as if he is so.
you are not his mother or his child. he wants an equal.
quit testing him. you will lose.
you are not four. your tantrums are no longer cute. you look like a fool.
you will not come into my home and mistreat me, my father, or him. it will not be tolerated.
you were not raised to act in this manner. quit disgracing yourself.
you are not the center of the universe.
if you want us to listen, you better open your ears.
do not ask me for advice, then do the exact opposite less than one minute later.
if you want to be respected as an adult, then you will respect us as adults.
you cannot expect to keep your job if you keep acting in this manner, or get arrested. they will not allow you to work in this field.
you cannot relieve stress by getting obliterated. it causes more stress.
enough with the "poor me" bullshit and suicidal threats. really. you do not want to lay that guilt trip on anyone. and if I hear you, you WILL be admitted. I have that power.



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