26 March 2009

Doin' the Charleston...

headin' south for a mini-vacation and a college day for Pickle...


I am SO needing a vacation. I was running on super-bitch at the office this morning and just the act of my boss breathing was pissing me off. It was amazing.

So I'm going to be hangin' out with Pickle, and we're gonna pick up Squid for the weekend, and who knows? Maybe there will be some awesome Navy fellas down there who need some Miss B time. *wink* Daddy was a Navy man; I'm so partial! lol

Half the fun is the trip... I'm lookin' forward to the cool night air, the radio playin' softly and not having to worry about a frickin' thing but the traffic on the road.

Have a wonderful weekend! The jeep is callin' my name...
Miss B

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