24 February 2009

a little peace...

ok... i've been skulking around, lurking on other sites...

of course, i've been putting off doing any of my homework; it's now finals week and i have about 7 essays that HAVE to be done by sunday... bleh. i keep trying to work on them and they keep getting pushed back for other stuff... fafsa's, senior year trips, junior drama, you name it.

on the upside, and incidentally NOT the reason i'm lacking in my homework, i have been anonymously blogging on another site. i know; don't hate. aside: i wonder if multiple blogs have contributed to the number of multiple-personality disorder cases? random thought.

i'm feeling a bit out of my element lately... i have a road trip looming at the end of next month (5 weeks... south carolina here i come!) and then a business trip 2 weeks later for a seminar *yawn* i am looking forward to the relaxation...

i've upped my weight workout by 10 pounds, and i am up to 10 minutes on the elliptical, which will from this moment be dubbed, 'the monster'. mwf i hit the weights and i still have my grandmother's arms, but i also now have a muscle line that divides the top from the gelatinous glob of underarm. sweet. bonus, i now only have 1.5 chins instead of 2. i do, however, still have an ass the size of montana.

after the weights, if the aggravating coworker who must follow me to the gym gets her annoying ass off the monster, i might get my ten in. otherwise, i ride the bike or walk/run on the treadmill for 15 minutes. on the other days, i walk/run for 30 min, maybe take 5 on the monster if tacwmfmttg isn't hogging it. and i do my ballet stretches to keep from tightening up like a twisted bread wrapper tie. and then, after tacwmfmttg goes into the shower room to change, i finish stretching and i do a cartwheel.

i know, it doesn't sound like much. but for someone who was in gymnastics and dance for 10 years, a cheerleader, basketball player, and workout freak for years, the fact that this fat little ass can even DO a cartwheel anymore is a miracle. believe me. you should have seen the first day. i looked (i'm sure) like one of those little kids who tries it for the first time and pretty much just went onto my hands, then flopped over and fell on the floor. and stayed there. for a long time. and pretended to stretch in case anyone walked in. it was pathetic.

it took me a week, but i can now do a cartwheel without falling down. it's still not pretty. annnnnnnd, i'm reasonably sure it may never be pretty again, but dammit, i can DO it. so get off me already. good gawd, is it not enough that i traumatize my poor dimpled ass every day with the monster? must i be perfect?

anyhow... back to the grind.

oh, and girl scout cookies. thin mints RAWK! ~tomorrow is weight day - must have carbs ;) ~

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