21 November 2008

The Lowdown...

Work - 10 days 'til we go live with the software. *knocks on wood* everyone is catching on; the end of the month, beginning of the new system strategy is in place; it's so damn easy I wish I could start using it three weeks ago. Let's hope the transition moves smoothly. On the (surprising) upside - the neanderthal boss who prefers notebook and pencil is really coming along. He has made a concerted effort to learn the system and understand it, and I hate to say it (because it makes me sound like I had little faith in him - truth - about his abilities) but he is actually instrumental to the success of this project. I'm still doing 12-15 hour days to keep both systems moving and track testing scenarios, but I'm enjoying the OT while it lasts, and embracing the days when I can relax. What major project shall I undergo after this is finished? :)

School - argh. Lovin' my classes (Human Intel and Intel Analysis) and sooooo struggling to find the proper amount of time. Yet another reason I will love to get this upgrade out of the way. I truly missed my calling as a younger person. Think where I might be had I actually joined the Army with my Computer Science degree, and incorporated Intel back then... *sigh* dumbass

Personal - My knee is still giving me grief. Back to the doctor on Monday to decide if we need an MRI or a scope. The compression sleeve makes it hurt worse, but I've noticed more range of movement. Triple doses of ibuprofen need to stop. I'm still fat, and it hurts to use the elliptical machine right now, but I am determined to get this fixed. On the upside - I've been really good about staying away from the sweets (like torture) but this time of year and sugar od's do NOT mix well for me. Bright side - KICKASS haircut this week. Wowed everyone at work, and feelin' almost sexy and sassy. I love my hair. :)

Home - My house is a mess, I want to put my tree up NOW, I have eight thousand things that I don't HAVE to do, but probably NEED to do, and I try really hard to be organized, but life seems to keep getting its stupid ass in my way. My dad is feeling in the way (according to my mom) and I feel bad because I'm stretched so thin I am not as social as I'd like to be with him. He's such a realist, and straight to the point. If he means it, he says it. If he doesn't, he doesn't. He doesn't candy-coat things, and you always know where you stand with him. I'm much the same way. So how do you tell someone like that that you love having them around, and not because of the financial help? Which, really, it's not. I cash his checks for him and bring him home the money, and don't ask a thing from him. He's my dad. He changed my shitty diapers. And I'm gonna make him pay to live with me? Not. Besides, the history and political talks and the food preparation we share is fabulous!!! I need my dad, only twenty years younger in someone else.... buahahahahaha. He thinks he's getting in the way of me finding someone. Riiiiiight. When I'm ready, it will happen. For once, I'm content with me. If "he" comes along, GREAT - now I know what to do... If not, I have plenty to keep me busy. And, I have a cat. :P

If I don't get back this way, have a joyous Thanksgiving. Surround yourself with the people you love. If you're working, be thankful you are still. If you have a roof over your head and food on the table, even if it's macaroni and butter, be thankful you're still eating. Hug your kids, your parents and your significant other. Lots. And I wish you enough...

miss b

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Wien. said...

Sheesh, missy b. You take care of yourself over this busy week. Hugs to you too!