25 August 2008

The Night Before Court...

'Twas the night before court
and all through the house
only Daddy paced quickly
and the cat, the damn louse.

The dishes were done
the clothes folded with care.
I'd even had time to
re-color my hair.

The day was spent working
to keep the mind busy
with so many spreadsheets
my head was quite dizzy.

'Til finally the eight o'clock bell
came around and
I shut down my system
and headed to town.

The thought of a cold one
had me intrigued
but the memories of hangovers
had me more queased.

So I settled in
with my polish and tea
to pretty my nails
and relax with tv.

There will be no sleep
in this house I do fear
for the present brings back
thoughts of quite horrible years.

I worry for Pickle; today she was sad.
Squid had to leave, but came for a tad
to visit the classroom and say his good-bye
and platonically hug under teacher's firm eye.

We'll meet in the 'morrow
come rain or come shine
and hopefully positive news
will be mine.

I'll update you soon
and let you know whether
I'll be rejoicing with Pickle
or in prison forever.

So here I exclaim
as I sit here tonight
think happy thoughts,
and to the ex, a big blight.


Wien. said...

That was fantastic. I'll be with you in spirit and waiting to read of your success.

All the best,

~:*:*:Pixie:*:*:~ said...


You're brilliant.

*chilling the champagne*