07 May 2008

weekend madness...

as always, i'm running a hundred miles an hour. generally, my schedule is:

sun 4-8 restaurant
mon 6:30-whenever office (usually around 6-730)
tues 7a-5:30 office 5:30-8 tavern 8:15-11 cleaning office
wed 7a-5:30 office 6p-11p pickle time (daughter hang-out time)
thurs 7a-6p office 6p-9p cleaning office
fri 7a-530p office 530-whenever tavern
sat 7a-12p work at the yard hooking trucks

hell, i'm tired just thinking about it. i used to clean sun afternoons too, but i got out of that. i've decided i'm going to give up the tavern on tuesdays because a) it doesn't really make me much money because it's pretty slow - i can work at the office or clean earlier and make more per hour and b) i am just exhausted by the time the weekend gets here. the plan is after the summer, i'm going to give up the restaurant job, then i'll have off most weekends. after this month, i won't have to work at the yard every weekend. just a busy month for my boss with his kid graduating and two in track.

so this weekend, or what is technically the weekend, i have a million things that need to be done. after work saturday, i have to clean, do laundry, put my bed back together AGAIN, sort through my clothes (cleaned the closet out), go through the "pile o' mail" that has built up on my desk, finish a letter to a kid from the restaurant who is currently finishing up boot camp in the next few weeks, clean out the jeep, clean out the garage, re-attach the hose to my dryer vent (which i discovered was no longer attached when i turned on the dryer and fluff went flying everywhere-nice), figure out why i'm getting no cold water to my washer, shop for work shoes, maybe catch a movie, and find time to relax.

*sits in corner, rocks back and forth, and sucks thumb*


i'll be glad to get back to work monday to get some rest. i feel a sore throat coming on again, and i hope it's just because of the rainy weather today.
tater, i think a long vacation in the sun would do me some good... pick me up on your way back through, will ya?

so what are YOUR weekend plans?

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Wien. said...

Holy smokes missy, you are more than busy. I can tell you right now that I couldn't do half of what you do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. I give you huge credit. I don't know how you do it. Tough resolve and inner strength to keep going. It reminds me of a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt: "When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hold on!"