24 October 2007

Amusingly Aggravating

I'm at work at the restaurant and finally get a free moment to take a restroom break. Anyone who's worked in this area knows you take the chance when you get it.

So I'm in the stall, doing my thing, when I hear the outside door open. I hear one of the bussers say my name.

"You have a table."
You have GOT to be kidding me.
"I'll be out in a minute."

Ok... at the most, I had another 45 seconds while I zipped up, and washed my hands. You had to follow me into the bathroom to tell me I had a table?


lill said...

Ooh, did you scream? I worked at an all male place once and the boss there wanted to get a phone put in the ladies so he could contact me at any time...I am still not sure if he was joking.

Wien. said...

Well, push it out fast missy and get back to work!!!! For crying out loud, is there no rest for the weary? Not even on the toilet bowl can you find some peace!
That was too funny. Is that busser new? What's his problem, besides he always wanted a reason to peek into the ladies room?

Miss B said...

OMG Lill - I could not believe it! I just set there drip-drying thinking to myself, "Everyone within earshot of the door knows their server may or may not be the one in the restroom." 'Coz of course, she didn't SHUT the door, she just leaned in. I just laughed... really, what more is there?

Wein: it was a she; no she's not new. She's just 16 and clueless. All I had to do was PEE for cryin' out loud! I just wanted 30 seconds without "Ma'am, can I have this? Ma'am can you get me that? Ma'am, where is my food?" Thankfully, I'm a mom AND a former truck driver, so the handy-dandy power-pee skills are still there!

George said...

Clueless is right. Just like co-workers who page you when you have gone to pee and they know you have gone to pee so they try to make funny when there was no reason to page

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