18 September 2007

Money Honey....

For once I had a really good weekend. Of course, I worked at the bar, but the owners were on vacation so things were running smoothly and everyone was relaxed. Had a tense moment with my best friend (she really can be quite pissy at times) but I figure, meh, we've had bad moments before, we'll have bad moments again. We get over it. That's what friends do.

Junior stopped by the restaurant with one of her workmates. Brickman was supposed to stop, but had to go home and let the dog out. We were all going to meet up later at a little place that had a band going. I was supposed to call him when I got done. Cool. I haven't been out in a long time. Of course, I'm in the seventh circle of hell out there and barely get a signal. (F*n Sprint) I call the cell (in case he's already up there) and the house. No answer. No biggie. I go on in.

I come up behind my daughter (she doesn't see me) and this kid standing there next to her and her friend Barbie (seriously, you have to see this girl). The guy sees me and I put my finger to my lips and go "shhh". He leans over and says (in a not-so-nice tone) "And who are you?" Heh. "Who do you want me to be?" He kinda straightens up and looks at me. I already know who he is; he's one of the kids Junior works with and he's here to meet Barbie tonight. I look back at him, raise my eyebrow (really frickin' cool mom move) and say, "I'm the mom."

It registers. He grins really wide, gives me a big hug and tells me he's happy to meet me. Putz. He's actually very cute. Ok, he's a total hottie and 20 years ago he wouldn't have impressed me at all. But he's very shy and spent most of the evening talking to and dancing with me. Hello. Not that I'm not flattered, but really dude, you're crampin' my style. *grin* And, Barbie's right there... he just didn't know how to talk or dance with her. Poor fella.

Actually, I had a lot of 20 somethings hitting on me. It was amusing. Junior, Barbie and I were hanging out around the pool table chatting during a band break and rico suave comes up and says to me, "Is this where all the hot chicks hang out?" You have got to be kidding me. So, of course I say, "Yea, I'm here." He's havin' a great time talkin' to the fat chick thinkin' he's makin' headway with Junior and Barbie. Then Junior lets the cat out of the bag. "This is my momma." *Roll eyes* Thanks kiddo. Cue disbelief, and 37 second "Really? Really. No shit? No shit." Conversation.

Then a pretty wasted 28 year old from a bachelor party (yep, same one as rico suave) starts chatting up Junior, who has no problem telling him she's only 18. And he's only x number of years younger than her mom. (Point to me) He looks, double-takes, and starts talkin' to me. "She's yours?" Yep "She's gorgeous." Yep. Not helpin' your case here buddy. So we start talkin' football, basketball, life. Nice fella. Little control freak. He amuses me. I tell him this. He tells me I'm pretty honest. Yep, blatantly so. I have no patience for games and drama. He comes back around twice more and chitchats. Then he tells me I'm scaring him because he doesn't know how to take me. hmmm. Sorry 'bout your luck, mister. This is me. I see him later on the dance floor.

So, back to work Monday.

I walk in wearing my Michigan jacket. It's chilly out. I get all kinds of hell because they beat Notre Dame. Look, it's a win. I can't help it they were finally playing like they should have been all along. 41-0. F*n-A!

I radio out to the LHYG (Little hottie yard guy).
"Hey LHYG".
"How 'bout that game?" He's a HUGE Notre Dame fan.
Groan. "Yea, I know."

I am catching all kinds of hell. Go figure. LHYG comes in for paperwork later, and I walk up to him and apologize.

"It was very unsportsmanlike."
He says it's ok.
"But it was so much fun!"
He laughs. He's a genuinely good kid. Parties a bit, but always polite, always pleasant. All us old ladies take great joy in flirting with him. And he always graces us with a flirty-yet-somehow-you're-scaring-me smile.

Then the fun begins. 10 minutes in I'm told a railcar did not make it in, won't until Thursday, and I need to find 5 trucks to bring product in from IA to keep from shutting down. By tomorrow.

Buahahahahahahaha. fuckers.

I am able to find 3, and one to dropship to a customer. Look, these trucks out west schedule 1-2 weeks ahead. And we're gettin' into harvest. No problem. SuperDispatcher saves the day.

Moving on, I'm dealing with drama on some of my other loads. I'm going outside to get a pop from the machine, and the purchaser hands me paperwork to give to a driver and send him round back to load. Cool.

Background: It is Driver Appreciation week here in the States. We have cookies, coffee, pop, etc out for all incoming drivers (not just ours).

I'm out leading this driver around by the hand because he's about stupid and I cannot believe they allow him to drive 80,000 lbs down the road by himself. I finally make it back in where everyone's looking for me over some drama with a container car not making it in from port, and suddenly I'm out giving the drivers some real appreciation in the lot.

you did not just say that to me. Let me tell ya, I spent years battling this kind of crap at another place. Not my style, whatsoever. And they kept on. Viciously. Big Papa(the only black driver we have) who always comes in and looks me up and down gets in on it. He tries to hand me fifty cents. As he's grabbing the change, I look at him and quietly tell him, "do it and I will punch you in the nose." He backs off.

So I get back to my office, Big Papa follows, falling all over himself, and the yard manager asks what's going on. (Meanwhile, he and the cbnhitfeg had been teasing me.) I tell him he tried to give me a quarter. So YM takes out a nickel, tosses it at me and tells me he wouldn't waste the quarter. WTF? I pick it up and wing it back at him, hitting his shoulder pretty good.

What is wrong with people? I'm the only single female dating so I am now the company lot lizard? bastards. Big Papa tries to suck up. I tell him I'm done, now, have a good night. CBNHITFEG starts yappin' about somethin' and I tell him I expected better of him. He says "Really?" "Yea." And I commence to ignoring him for the rest of the day.

Well, two anniversaries have passed in the last week. My 1 year bloggiversary (yay me) and my 1 year mark at this job. So I get yanked into HR and told they're gonna keep me (how nice-see reference to other job where they cut me loose after a year because I taught them what they needed to know) and I got a 9% raise. Cool. They have plans for me. Great. Maybe I can move up to Madame.

Anyhow... what should have been a pretty good day (game won, raise) was actually pretty shitty because they suck.

OHHHHH. And my favorite broker left to do other things. He called me personally. I was sad. I refused to accept his resignation. Told him I was the customer and this is not what I wanted. He laughed. I was petulant. Finally I wished him luck.

SOAB. Now I have to find another one I trust. Dammit.

*sigh* back to my spanish....

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