13 September 2007

It's a beautiful day...

In response to my Angels Are Crying post, I have a few Heroes who are transitioning home right now... It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day "stuff" and lose touch with those who don't get the normal day to day. When I emailed them my post, I heard from many I'd not spoken with for at least a couple months. It was great to hear the news...

Welcome home:
SSG Desimone
SSG Simon
Sgt Skoczen
SPC Carr
SSG Jacobson
Msgt Jacobs

and the many that are stationed with them... we are so proud of all of you! Best to you as you reintegrate.

Miss B


Steph said...

I heard on the news tonight that a further 30,000 troops will be sent home soon. That's awesome.

Miss B said...

isn't it wonderful steph? i pray for all the countries' soldiers to come home safely. i hope with my heart that the good all countries have done for the people over there remains with them after.