05 August 2007

Listenin' to the rythym of the fallin' rain...

Ahhh. It's raining. Thunder, but no lightning; steady downpour from a low, gray sky. The kind of day that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a good book, or lie in bed under a light blanket, snuggled up to someone just breathing. I love rainy days.

Today I'm watching the raindrops, listening to the white noise of the rain on my roof, and I'm realizing, it's been a good weekend. Better than one I've had in a long time.

I work two jobs. I haven't had a day off since the end of May for Junior's graduation party. Work is the crux of my life; I've come to accept this. I'm "working" (heh) on doing more, meeting people, becoming less of a hermit. Problem is, without work, I rarely find a reason to leave the house. It's very strange. I'm not afraid to go outside (I do every day for work with no issue); I'm not lazy - I work two jobs. I'm not a slacker at either. Ok, well, maybe when it comes to "file til your hands bleed day," but otherwise, no. I have a few close friends. It's an effort to see them and I love them dearly. My family lives several hours away. My time with them is precious and spent playing with the niece and nephews, jamming on the electric guitars, hanging out talking with my sis-in-law (she's so cool) and terrorizing my little brother. Hey, just because we're grown up doesn't mean the torture has to stop, right?

So this weekend started out with a trip to the racetrack (totally incredible!) and of course, more work Saturday. Early in to waitress (yay.) but had a good section, made decent tips, and didn't have to close. Came home last night, watched cartoons til I fell asleep (I can't help it - I love them!) and woke to the sound of steady rain this morning. Perfect.

My new classes start tomorrow. Math (yay!) Spanish (yay!) and History of American Indian (hmm-undecided; I am 1/64 American Indian so I am curious about the ancestry.) I am looking forward to the "busyness." I find it hard to relax and "be" when I can be doing something else.

I am calm. It is quiet. Enjoy your day.


George said...

I love those rainy days as well ... especially on Sunday for some reason. It started raining lightly here about 10 minutes ago and I am about 10 feet from a big tree right outsife the door .. the rain hitting the leaves is one of my favourite sounds

Lots of guys take classes you know

Steph said...

I've done the working two jobs thing, and it's times like you just described that you should treasure. You don't have to be going to parties and socialising to have a good time. Sometimes taking time just to recharge your batteries are just what you need.