29 July 2007

ESTUPIDO Uneducated Non-Traveller am I...

Ok, I admit it. When I think of (sp Columbia) Colombia, I picture scenes like this:

and this:

thankfully, there are people out there who are
1) more knowledgeable than I,
2) able to travel as I am not to show me the truth, and
3) willing to help me learn.

My dear friend Daniel is currently in Bogota, (sp Columbia) Colombia visiting family. Of course I've hounded him relentlessly to send me pictures because I am stuck in the heartland and the only way I will see the world is vicariously through others' eyes. God love him, he is beautiful enough to show me his world.

This is Bogota. I think of any place in (sp Columbia) Colombia as being small and ramshackle. I am an idiot.

This, I believe, is outside the Expo Center.

And because the previous picture does no justice to the size of the city, this one is from the outskirts looking into the city. Stunning.

And because he thinks I'm awesome (you do, I am) *wink* he has also given me some pictures of the mountains of (sp Columbia) Colombia during one of his escapades.

It just looks like you can reach out and touch the sky. Fabulous!

While my friend Daniel was travelling, he saw some vehicles he thought I may have interest in, as I am a fan of the 18 wheeler type. :)

Now, we like to dress ours up, but it's usually with chrome and skirting. Down there, they like to make theirs a little more festive...

Actually, these are several trucks that have their rigs dressed up like this and you may notice a figurine on them. This is some sort of virgin that is supposed to protect the drivers. Interesting. I told him I just wear a St Christopher pendant. He laughed. And by all means, I do not make fun of their beliefs; we all have our own. If that gets them through safely, so be it. I never drive anywhere without mine, so I completely understand!

I wanted to share with you because I am so thrilled that he shared with me. Thanks mi amor, you are hombre muy maravilloso. *muah*


Certis said...


Captain Smack said...

I would like to go to Columbia. I will leave it at that.

Miss B said...

I know Certis; I'm stupid. lol

Captain: No, we can't "leave it at that." Why? When? Which part? Helllllooo... you can't just stop by, leave almost a comment, and then leave... I'm gonna take this up with JC and EP. ;)

George said...

Been there ... our single largest customer is in Baranquilla ... fly to Bogota on a big plane and fly to Baranquilla on a much smaller plane.

One little mistake sweetie ... it is Colombia

Miss B said...

OMG George; you are so right. Hellllllo! Daniel? You did not correct me!

And believe it or not, I was just studying this in my Geography class.

I am mortified, and shall make reparations immediately. Estupido!