03 July 2007

Day 4

'Zac: How ya doin' hon?
Me: Hangin' in there. *yawn*
'Zac: Feelin' any better?
Me: A little funky yet in the mornings, but good enough. Just these stupids yawns. *smile*
'Zac: How's the headaches?
Me: Not near as bad as last time; I've been able to keep ahead of them so far.
'Zac: Focus?
Me: Starting to get there. Got a lot more done at work so far this week. Was able to deal with covering both mine and the boss' job today with little stress. Just a bit on the "too happy" side today, but I was able to maintain.
'Zac: Good, good. Sleepin' ok?
Me: A little better. Still hard to get to sleep, but ok once I'm there. Even actually got up on time this morning.
'Zac: Head spinning?
Me: Yea, still some racing thoughts, but it's early in the game. You know it always takes me a few weeks to really warm up to ya.
'Zac: I know; I'm working as fast as I can, but we want to make sure we do it slow and steady. Ok, call me if you need me.
Me: Will do... see ya, bud. And thanks.
'Zac: Sure enough. ;)


George said...

Not sleeping well, can't focus ... sounds like an episode of depression. Hope you're doing well.

Miss B said...

little better, but we're just beginning... :) thanks hon.