09 July 2007

Amusingly Aggravating

Getting off work after 6 hours of waitressing (NOT bartending) in 90 degree temps INSIDE, home, showered, and in jammies getting ready to slide into bed to be told

~*~ We're out of cat food
~*~ And toilet paper
~*~ And sugar

Oh HELL no. Give the cat tuna, use Kleenex, but by God, you BETTER have some sugar here for my sweet tea!

There are just some things one southern female cannot do without... the nerve!


Captain Smack said...

Amen, sister. For me, the absolute deal breaker would be if I was out of coffee. No way I'm waking up in the morning without my coffee.

Miss B said...

I ALWAYS have coffee at my place, Captain... *wink wink*