25 June 2007

mindless drivel

i no longer care
four days til i see the doc
maybe then some peace

it's too hard trying
even faking happiness
no one gives a shit

can't stop racing thoughts
my head's going to explode
look out - there it goes!

hell, i can do haiku... nothin' to it...
another bad night folks --- foul does not begin to describe the mood
nothin' to see here... move along


George said...

Don't head down the dark highway Miss B ... stay well and healthy.

RSM said...

I could always show up in camo and order you into feeling better...

Miss B said...

thanks george... i wish i could put a finger on what exactly it is i'm feeling...

rsm ~ i've never been good at taking orders from people, but i'm thinkin' that just might work! :) either that, or I'd just pass out from sheer excitement! thanks for the smile, hero!