24 June 2007

Karma Inherited...

Ahh, my babygirl Pickle is growing up. She had an interview Friday for her first official job. She was so excited.

She left early, stopped at her grandparents' for moral support, and went up there early to be ready. She's walking across the parking lot, and she spies someone vaguely familiar. Her stomach sinks as she hears her name called not by one, but by two people.

Her father and her half-brother. Were there. At the place she was going to interview. Of all the days and times. She was scared. She said she could feel the blood run out of her face. LOL, I remember that a lot being around him.

History: Pickle lives with her father. Long, ugly, drawn-out, emotional story of underhandedness and evil. But, I digress...

Pickle lives in a box. Her father does not work, has not worked in nearly 8 years. Most of their survival depends on the childsupport I pay. Which is a lot coming out of my check, but not much in the scheme of a real job. But that's ok, because his girlfriend also receives childsupport that they live off, and we have mom & dad who give to the sponge as well. (Theoretically until Pickle turns of age and goes off to college - they don't think she should suffer because he's a worthless POS.) Again, rambling...

He does not want her to work. She is a 4.0 in school. Always has been. She placed 4th in the district Math competition last year. She's already being scouted by some engineering colleges. He thinks she should do nothing but go to school so she can get a free ride to college. *moment spent cursing his selfish, lazy, good-for-nothing dumb ass*

Anyhow... this "man" who any other time can't be bothered to get off his ass to support his family decided they should bike the 4 miles into town to eat at this fast-food place. Pickle tells me, "Of all the days and places mom; he usually goes to XXX to eat."

So he comes up to her, knowing she's supposed to be at my house 55 miles away.

Him: :"What are you doing?"
Pickle: "Just hanging out."
She's nervous now; his temper is legendary and he tends to scream at her.

H: "What are you doing here in town when you're supposed to be at your mom's?"
P: "I have a job interview."
H: "Why?"
P: "Because I want some extra money."

Amazingly enough, he lets her do the interview. He tells her though that he has the power to stop her from working by not signing her work permit. Umm, fucknut, she has TWO parents, no matter how hard you tried. Ugh, he's such a CONTROL FREAK. Argh.

So she comes to my workplace after she's done and tells me about it. We're laughing at how the one day/time he would show up. She said, "It's probably karma for not telling him in the first place." I just chuckle, and tell her she has inherited the family luck. It's like Murphy's Laws. It WILL happen to us.

I know that she's intelligent enough to decide if she can handle working on top of school and band. If it becomes too much, she will stop. But I also know that she needs socialization skills. School is very controlled. Outside jobs with more than just other students are different.

I try to let her out of the box as often as possible. :)


Tater said...

I trust you've had some long talks on what type of guy to marry? Gals often marry men like daddy (boys do the same w/momma by the way). But one of the worse things a person can do is marry a bum, screws up your entire life!

I might be preaching to the choir! But she should know the heart-break a bad marriage can cause, and she should know it before "the man of her dreams" sweeps her away...


Miss B said...

oh... they know the heartbreak, they lived it with me.

i just worry that they won't know how to have a good marriage...