28 June 2007

"honey in da house"

I could almost hear the hormones raging. Junior (my oldest daughter) came into my office today so we could go to Project Reality at the hospital. (Part of her punishment for her underage back right before graduation.)

I'm working on some receivables issues with my boss when she walks in the door. Let me just say that my daughters have a presence. Both of them. *ahem* It runs in the family. I'm not saying waters part and people drop drinks or anything (anymore) but they and I usually get some reaction from someone when we walk into a place.

She comes over and gives me a hug, and of course all the yard guys (who usually beeline it for the door after clocking out) are now walking back and forth, hanging out at the supervisor's area, craning around corners and just generally acting like guys. (They're all 17-23.)

My bosses didn't give me time to finish up and introduce her properly; she was bombarded (sick old fuckers!) The exchange student brought another guy up to meet her (he's a bit slow - very nice fellas) and he was just tongue-tied to the point I felt sorry for him. (He's had a crush on her picture from the day I started and set it up on my desk.)

I go to clock out, and we come back through. One of the owners is sitting there talking to all the guys who are strangely standing on one side of the room (um, that would be the one with the view to the chair where she was sitting.) I ask him if he'd met her; he said yes, he meets ALL the ladies that come in, young or old. Putz.

He tells me, "If she's looking for a good man, there's a whole bunch of them that work out back here." You could have heard a pin drop for two seconds as they all held their breaths, waiting to hear what she would say.

I look at him, raise my eyebrow (really cool mom move) and say, "WE are not looking for ANY men right now. WE are going to college."

I thought he was going to fall off his chair... laughing!

So we leave to go to Project Reality, and strangely enough, all the little fellas find their way out to the parking lot while we grab a pop and get in the jeep...

Uh huh. I KNOW what those little boys are thinkin'... and I'll be more than happy to tell them I know, because little boys like them are why I have little babygirls like her...


that I'm not afraid to go back to prison.


miss b

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