30 June 2007


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miss b
Ooo la la. We have a French girl that works at the bar with us as a waitress. She's from "Paris". Whoop - de - fu-ckin' do.

Background: Ms Frenchie is the most rude, obnoxious, discourteous TOAB (twat of a bitch) I have ever come across. We have gone round several times because she wants me to do things like leave an open register drawer to get her drinks, or cut in front of people to ring a sale out. And one night, she yelled at me in front of 4 customers and another waitress to "Never EVER push the lime all the way in, EVER!" (In a Corona.) She 'bout got popped then... I digress.

The first week I started, she got into it with a customer over something, and he (who was a Vet) asked her where she was from; she told him France. He said to her, "well, if it weren't for us you'd be speakin' German right now." Ok, maybe not exactly a nice thing to say, even if she WAS being rude to him. However, it did not warrant (and you can never justify to me) the "Fuck You" she said
to him,
out loud,
in front of other customers. How she did not get fired, I don't know.

So this afternoon, we're all coming onto shift, and we're watching the breaking news about the car bomb at Glasgow. I made a passing comment about the flight that was going out was headed to LA. Frenchie got all pissy, said that it wasn't headed to LA and that "all Americans" think the whole world is out to get them and "they" need to stop thinking about themselves and think about the people at Glasgow that were hurt. In the very next breath, she said that every time something happened in London, within a couple months, something always happens in Paris. She kept going on about the American people being selfish and the war, and yada yada yada, being really loud and a couple tables heard her.

Now, I know we have free speech. (Loving my country.) And I know we have laws that protect the innocent, and sometimes even the stupid. But for the love of all that's Holy, why do I have to listen to this TOAB tell me what's wrong with my country, when a) she's NOT a citizen - nope, here on a green card for this one, b) she hates it here - we know this because she repeats it constantly, and c) I can't kill her because our Constitution protects her dumb ass?


I was pissed. So were the rest of the waitress staff and the kitchen staff. And apparently, so were her two tables who did NOT leave her a tip (and she was going off about that - wanting to know why people don't tip.)


Ok, here's a clue, fucknut: You're in the heartland of America. We love our country. And we can bitch about it, because we pay the taxes and vote to be able to do so. YOU, on the other hand, are a green-card-carrying, American government bashing, hating this country little cunt, and until you take that oath pledging allegiance, have no right to talk badly about the country that let you in, let you work, and is paying your way.


If you don't like it here... get the hell out. We have plenty of folks who WANT to be here, and are happy for the opportunity. The sad thing is, I can't tell her what I really think of her, because there are laws against THAT - discrimination/hostile work environment bullshit. (Still lovin' my country though!)


heh. One of Frenchie's later customers ("Balloon Man") came in. He goes to all the restaurants in the area, and makes little balloon animals/sculptures, and leaves it on the table with the tip in it. She happened to be the waitress in the section. She thought it was so cute, until...

I pointed out it was an American Eagle inside a heart. (He does some pretty cool stuff, complete with beak and all.) She said something about her country having the Rooster (WTF?) and I just smiled at her and said, "No way that's EVER gonna be mistaken for a rooster, hon. That's an Eagle. Remember, our Independence Day is coming up this week." She just got real quiet and never said another word.

She left it there when she left work tonight. :)

Am I a bitch? You bet. But first and foremost, I am an American.


George said...

Miss B ... I spent most of my life in Quebec, where French is the predominate language. Even the Quebecers dislike to French from France because of their arrogant, superior than thou attitude. Of course, most French from France dislike Quebecers because they are the common, crude peasants.

I would like to point out an inaccuracy in the vet's comment about the United States saving France from having to speak German. unfortunately, that statement represents what is believed to be the normal USA attitude ... they saved the world and nobody else was involved.

In this case, the Americans only joined the war in Dec 41, after Pearl Harbour was bombed and only started sending troops to Europe in 1942. That is >2 years after the war started. While Americans did contribute to the European theater, their participation was greatest in the Pacific theater. Europe was primarily liberated by British, Canadian and French resistance. On D-Day Canada was responsible for Juno beach. 14,000 soldiers landed that day and were supported by 10,000 sailors; Canada captured and established a beachhead, in a terribly bloody fight, in 2 hours. Canada's cost was 18,000 casualties. The American part of D-Day consisted of 66,000 troops on 2 beaches and a total of 3,100 casualties.

With or without the US contribution, Europe would have been liberated none the less so anybody, Canadian-American-Other, who says thet they alone were responsible for the French not having to speak German ... is living in a dream world.

Miss B said...

Hi George... I trust your trip went well... :) I read this while at work, so I was distracted and thought I best wait til I got home to re-read before I answered.

Absolutely, the Americans were not the sole reason for anyone's liberation (hence the Allies) - just as today they are joined in the coalition in the Sandbox with heroes from many nations who believe they are doing a greater good. America did not want to be a part of WW2, and held out as long as they could, until they were attacked by the Japanese over fuel sanctions. I've conceded that the Vet's comments were inappropriate. Not all Americans think that only we save the world.

I've had the pleasure of visiting up your way 3-4 times a week for nearly a year when I was driving, and made some very good friends from up north. I also know that I was a "visitor," had no rights, and therefore knew better than to do or say anything to be misconstrued as offensive or hateful. I was inquisitive, however, and they were very candid about the general feelings of Canada towards the US and the "middle eastern immigrants" who are now up there in large number, as well as the French. So, are Quebecians French, or Canadian?

The fact that most Canadians I spoke with professed to really not care for Americans did not stop them from maintaining a professional relationship with the folks from my company. I can really only say I ever had one bad experience going up there all those months. This was the point I was trying to get across about Frenchie. Sure, hate us, belittle us, and generalize all Americans, but don't do it on our soil when we're completely supporting you. If she hates being here and our way of life that much, there are planes every day that fly back and forth to Paris.

Quite frankly, I'd love it if the US would stop trying to "save the world" and leave a little back here to help our homeless, undereducated, and jobless people. To someone of our union, it appears most of the places we help hate us, yet they'll take our money and expect to give nothing in return, except talk of how they hate us and our "interference."

I happen to think it's a great way of life here; I'm sure any citizens of any country feels the same about their culture. So yes, I'm gonna get a bit pissy when someone is beyond obnoxious about it. No one is better than anyone else, regardless from where they come.

Wien. said...

Hey Miss B, Just checking in from the middle of nowhere Texas on a slow dinosaur dinosaur computer, so it took me 3 days to finally get it to cooperate and find your blog.
Sorry about your little French gal and her rooster comment. Maybe you should have totally understood that of course she thought it was a rooster, her not being used to our strong American birds, but being used to little French cocks and all...
Bad,bad,bad. It must be the cabin fever I'm getting here in BFE Texas with all the rain storms,snapping turtles, squished armadillos, and black snakes. I'm crossing my fingers that I can fly out from DFW Thursday for places warm and sandy and south of the border....
Be well my friend, and if the computer gods look well on me I hope to be back online before the end of Aug. How much trouble would you all be in if you showed up to work in little french maid uniforms???

Miss B said...

lmao Wien ~ you ARE bad! I remember seeing squished armadillos on my way through to Odessa... very strange. :)

I think the manager would flip out, but the rich, playboy boat people would probably like it. Well, least the menfolk, um, and may a couple of the womenfolk. ;)

Have a wonderful vacation ~ look forward to you stopping by...