22 June 2007

Black Friday

This is the letter I had to send to one of my SA writers today...

Thank you S...

K ~
On 6/5/07, I sent you SPC Winterbottom's name to write for the day. It is with great regret that I inform you this Hero has fallen. I wanted to let you know, in the event the letter came back unopened.

We're so glad to have you on our team, and it is so very important now to keep our soldiers in our hearts and minds. Thank you for the wonderful job you do.



Rest In Peace SPC Winterbottom. You are loved.

How can one enjoy so much the life I have with my children, and yet be so sad?

1 comment:

Certis said...

Because the world is in infact a horrible place, which taxes every fading moment of the living with equal amounts pain and unrest until you die.

I sincerely hope SPC Winterbottom finds peace in death.

Atleast someone cares...