07 June 2007


Hair pulled back in a ponytail.
At least I washed my face and brushed my teeth this morning.
Oh, and I remembered to put deodorant on.

I don't remember food, but I did remember to check my fuel guage this morning.
My mind has finally stopped racing; I'm now vacant and scatterbrained.

Just a couple more days.

I've called the doctor.


Tater said...

"I've called the doctor."

Good for you Miss B, good for you. See him soon, and get well quick.

Bless ya!


Miss B said...

i'm fine... always am, have to be, right?

Wien. said...

That a girl. I read that he's not in practice, got your number in to a new one, etc. But at least you made the step in the right direction. I'm kinda proud.