03 May 2007

Where's the Love?

Tater? Pixie? Stu? *sniff* I'm having withdrawals...

Tater -dude- I know you're moving around, but I need some more really cool blow-stuff up pics and cool machinery man... didn't I help you out with the Christmas stuff and Frankenmuth? Wasn't I there for ya, buddy? ~*~OR~*~ I'd even be happy with some really hot Hero pics, you know, the ones with them all BDU'd up and holding their weapons... ;) lol... kiddin' man. *muah* ok, really, if you don't have Hero buddies, the blow stuff up and aircraft pics are ok too... *wink*

Pixie, doll, it's ok... we're safe here too...

Stu, bro, pics of my niece & nephews??? Hellllllo... it's been 2 months since the last ones!!! *tap, tap, tap*

Paulina says:
You have a fun blog, I think I'll check
on it again, if you don't mind!
Thank you... I try to have a bit of fun, and mix it up with good company. I'm not a stellar writer, nor am I very creative, but I can hold my own in mixed company. And if you're not interested in it, hey, there's a back button...

I prefer to have an interactive blog, and love hearing from others... we all have opinions, we all have different lifestyles and cultures, and we all have the freedom to do and say as we please... why not learn from each other, share the world with each other and have a bit of fun along the way? Life's too short to be miserable... you wanna hang with me, make me laugh.

So welcome everyone... new browsers, old friends, family and loves... I'm even toying with the thought of guest bloggers... I like a little wit and humor and stuff that makes you think... And we all know how I like being amused...

miss b

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