19 May 2007

Update: emergency

Thanks for all your well-wishes; we're home now.
Back to square one with the meds, but he's back to "normal" this morning. Will update later... back to work.
Love you.

Pixie~I'll call tonight when I get home from work... I got about 5 hours of much-needed nap... Bean still ok?

Steph ~ Thanks, hon...we're ok. epilepsy. he's my only baby boy...

Wein~ thank you much... hope your situation is getting better too... :)

*sniff* I have the greatest blog readers in the world.

Miss B
getting ready to go to work, i get a phone call from the emergency room in leitchfield, ky. five and a half hours from where i live.

my son has had another seizure; father nowhere to be found - left him with some of my son's friends for the weekend.

cell phone disconnected
house phone disconnected

i'm out the door.

hug everyone you love. now.



Steph said...

Oh no! I hope he's ok.

Pixie said...

Call me.

Area code + 250-7647.

I love you.

Wien. said...

Mom to the rescue! I hope all went well for you and your son. I feel for your frustration with his dad being MIA. Cel and house phones both disconnected? What a bonehead.

Anonymous said...

Sure am glad things are better! That had too have been scary.

Best Wishes for you & your family.


Miss B said...

thanks tater...