13 April 2007

Quest for Knowledge

After my adventure down to Camp LeJeune, seeing the Beirut Memorial Wall and the whole trip in general, I've realized my love for learning and travelling has been reignited.

I miss certain people, and being able to talk to them about stuff that not everyone understands, but I find that doesn't mean I shouldn't take these trips alone. Not having an "other half" doesn't lessen what I want to do and accomplish out of life. And very shortly, after a child's graduation, I'm free to move and be wherever I want to go. So I've been contemplating a few things. I've always done what "should" be done (according to someone else's rules) and not what I wanted. I'm thinking it's time to find out who I am and what I want. And anyone that wants to come along for the ride, I'm driving.

I know that my list of "to-do's" now includes seeing not only Camp LeJeune, but an Army base, a Naval station, and an AFB. It's just fascinating to watch from an outsider's perspective. I'm putting together the rest of it.

I've been lax the last few days... part of it is being busy with school, part of it is having friends going through a rough patch and making sure they're ok, part of it is just having a down couple of days... I feel the upswing starting and I know I have a million things in my head just waiting to get out... look out world! ;)

miss b

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