17 April 2007

Our Hearts go out to the Survivors at Virginia Tech...

What a sad day we had yesterday...
What drives a young person to take his life? What reasons could possibly lay behind causing the end of 32 others' lives in this manner?
We may never have the answers; we may never know the reasons. We can only hope the families of these lost youths find some peace and closure within the web of a twisted mind.
I read the reports, watch the news, hear of the other countries who send their condolences, yet say it's our fault for "allowing" our citizens to bear arms. Along with this, they criticize our judicial system for not having strong enough laws to protect the innocent, or eradicate them from the general public completely.
I don't have guns in my house. This does not mean I don't support ownership of them. My brother and I were raised with guns in the house. My father was a Gunner's Mate in the USN. He took the family out target shooting from as far back as I can remember. I've been handling firearms since I was around 6 years old; always supervised, always educated. My father would spend many hours at his worktable refilling shells. I remember the tools, I remember watching in fascination. I remember helping clean them every time they were used, and often in between. My mother was a police officer at one time. I belonged to a gun club as a junior member in my teens. It was natural. It wasn't crazy. We didn't wield the guns at every passerby, or carelessly fire rounds into the ground or air. The guns were always locked up when we didn't use them. We KNEW not to touch them without a parent around. It was a natural part of our lives. My father's love of firearms continues to this day.
I did not have guns in the house while my children were growing up. This is not from fear or hate. I was a single mom with 3 young toddlers. I was working two jobs and going to school. I did not have the time or patience to educate. I would much rather have taught them proper handling and care, the joy I found in hitting my mark. I knew that I could not guarantee I would be able to keep them from little hands. I made the responsible choice. It was mine to make.
So I sit back and watch the arguments ensue. The pro vs con raging will continue, to no consolation of the grieving families.
Do other countries have the right to talk about our Constitution? Our way of life? Our choices?
In the wake of this, Columbine, Killeen, do we revamp our laws? Take away those rights? Become a militant state where only law enforcement and military personnel are armed? Is that even possible or feasible?
Are there really any right answers?
my prayers go out to the families and friends of those lost at Virginia Tech... my heart hurts for those who now live with the senseless aftermath. may they be remembered for the lives they lived and all they accomplished. and may the survivors heal and grow in having known them, even if only for a short time...
Miss B

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