13 April 2007

Fisher House Project

From one of my local ladies who is a tremendous supporter of our troops~

There is going to be a fundraiser for the Wright Patterson Fisher House on April 28th. Information can be found at www.fnhi.org. If anyone is looking for something to do!!

I was thinking for the first project to be.....BOREDOM BUSTERS

Karen, the house manager, was telling me how bored they get. I took up some puzzles that a fellow angel donated and the her eyes lit up and she said, "They are going to enjoy this!"

The only condition of boredom busters are magazines can not be used. The residents being cancer victims are very prone to picking up diseases due to chemo and she requested no books to read. She has an oversupply of books and no storage space.

Sudoku puzzle books
search a word
new magazines
simple craft kits
Computer games
Stationary kits and pens

I am sure that y'all have some great ideas please share them with us. Please email me if you are interested in helping.

Thanks for being Wright Patterson Angels

miss b

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