05 April 2007

24 Hours to Takeoff...

I am soooo looking forward to this weekend. Besides the fact we now have an Arctic cold front that moved in Wednesday night (27 degrees for cryin' out loud!!!) my kids and I will all be together for the first time in over 6 months. My boy made it in from Kentucky about 2 this morning (it was sooooo hard to go to work this morning!) and I'll have both the girls in tonight after work. Half-day tomorrow and we're headed south, baby!

Of course, it would be THIS weekend that North Carolina only has 50-60 degree weather, but that's ok. It's still sandal weather and it won't be too hot and humid that we can't enjoy ourselves. I'm still going to the beach because I want to see the ocean, and hopefully this will keep me from getting too burnt. (Fair girls = no tanning)

One of my customers reminded me to take my dark shades so I can check out all the Buff Heroes without being obvious.... duh! LOL I have 2 pairs packed! I'm guessing it won't matter as I'm stepping all over my tongue and drooling. I think that will give it away... ;) Ahhh well, a girl's gotta have SOME fun. Who knows? Maybe there will actually be one or two down there that I WON'T have socks older than. *giggle* Besides, if I look old enough, I'll put the fear into any of them who come too close to my babygirls... uhmm, and baby boy if the case. ?! lol

I've been stressed this week with the opening of the new rail line, a visit from our largest customer, starting my classes through AMU and trying to get everything turned in on time before I go down there because I won't have access to my computer for a few days... and knowing that with the job change and situation, it may be the last time we get any kind of vacation for quite awhile.
So to all of you and yours, have a blessed Easter. If this is not your holiday, and you don't wear a wrap-around cowboy hat, have a nice, long weekend. If you do, well, I can't say that in mixed company... ;)

Miss B

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