17 March 2007

The Rebirth of Miss Behavin - Part 2

The foulness has started to lift... with a little help from my friends hot & steamy cheezy bread and a coupla smirnoffs. Prime stuff.

Much in the air; I'm sure that's why I'm feeling out of sorts. So, I'm doing what I always do when in need of a little structure... ripping everything apart and reorganizing it to fit what I need at the moment. A little closet ocd never hurt anyone...

God BLESS America
Got word from my little man Joel... apparently the plan is (or so I've been told by my own 2 personal babygirls) to go down and visit him during their spring break. Now, I love to travel when I have the funds to enjoy myself. Even if I don't, the trip sounds like a good time. Why? Well, besides seeing my little man since he's become a big boy, the trip entails North Carolina in the springtime - always refreshing - AND 3 days at Camp Le Jeune NC surrounded by all the hunky Heroes he's stationed with. Bonus. *wink* Mental note: ask Joel if he knows any 30 something single Heroes... *daydream* Yea yea, I remember the last Hero fiasco. Extenuating cirmcustances and such, but I wouldn't trade a moment of the real emotion and the learning experience. It's part of what makes me, me.

Updating the blog... *sigh* always a monumental task, but rewarding nonetheless. As a newbie, you just kinda throw everything out there; it's assembled by chance. Part of my love of reading all things funny, informative and stupid help me in my transition from newbie blogger to confident blogger to seasoned in-your-face blogger extraordinaire. I see what appeals to me, what I really dislike, what "works" in the face of 50 million other bloggers. Then I apply my own personal style (girl next door closet femme fatale, innocent yet indecently wicked, sarcastic humor) and most of the time, it works. I'm re-labeling posts, getting things a little more streamlined and easier to find. This I like. My blog. :P And really, I'm a pretty compartmentalized person. Occasionally, my dark side seduces me into its embrace, and even that is not entirely unwelcome. Again, part of what makes me, me.

So peruse, forgive the re-construction while it's happening, and if there's something you can't find... ask.

Life in Lists (this is me - basic, real)
On Being Me (From Me to You - this is what's happening)
A Day in the Life (Real life, one silly minute at a time)
The Art of... (How I do what I do)
Misadventures in Love (Online Dating at its finest)
The Driver's Seat (Stories from the Road - always true, rarely dull)
Wicked Little Vixen (My more adventerous side, rarely seen by outside eyes)
Foul and Pissy (Now I'm pissed - rationalization is futile)
Hero Scoop (News from the front, rear and in-between)
Just Stuff (Things I find interesting)
Stupid Stuff (WTF was I thinking?)
As Info (Just FYI)
My Den (my babygirls and little men)
My Lessons in Love (What I've come to know about myself through love and heartache.)

No Apologies (This is how I feel, deal with it)

-- More to be added as I finish the redesign... My head is now spinning with everything I want to do, say and write...

Miss B

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Pixie said...

Let it spin sister... it looks GOOD on you!

Mmm mmm. If you were a man, I'd marry you.