01 March 2007

Back in Touch with Reality...

Well, almost. :)

Woo hoo!!! *jumping up and down clapping hands* It works!!! I'm "communicado" again!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Back to the beginning... I had a beautiful day yesterday. For once, the freight process flowed at work, I got the charger I've been waiting on for my phone, I got a program to work that I'd been struggling with for 3 days (anyone who's done any computer programming knows that after 3 days of debugging and rewriting and brain mush, when it finally "sings" it's almost better than sex!), ~AND~ I got to tell my old boss (who let me go after sucking the life out of me) that their company did NOT meet the qualifications for hauling our product. *what??* Gotta love that full circle thing, man! I met up with an old co-worker from that company for supper, laughed about the irony of it all, and I gotta tell ya, it was the first time in months I felt like I wasn't worthless or unneeded. That's a hard way to feel.

So after supper, back home, where my phone accessories were waiting. One extra battery, in case the charger didn't work, at least I could get my phone numbers. The charger, little thing kinda looks like a radar detector. Now, I have a degree in computer programming. I am somewhat mechanically inclined. This is a simple object with instruction paper written in English. It took me 'til this morning at work to figure out I wasn't quite hooking it up right (which, as you know, with anything electrical/electronic/or power based is not necessarily not a problem.) However, God loves me, and knows I need to have this work because the cost of another phone is not an option. So I got the blinky lights, got the warm ends... good to go! I take the battery back out to my phone in the Jeep during lunch, pop it on the back, and voila'.... we have contact, we have power. YAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

Sent off a message to someone I had not talked to for a few weeks. The last conversation we had was not pleasant. It was not the way I wanted it left. Life is too short to not tell people things. No message back, but I have learned not to expect things, then you're not disappointed. I did what I needed to do, and what will be will be. They know they are missed, and that I apologized. I will take what comes. No dwelling tonight, it's the first feel-good day in a long time.

So, order of business number one tonight (just in case God has a sense of humor and the batteries/charger BOTH fail me) is to get all the numbers off the phone and put them in a safe place should this happen again. It has before, I am reasonably sure it will again.

Life is good. For the moment. Peace.
Miss B

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