16 January 2007

Are you a Slacker Mom???

Ok, I saw this link on a page I was perusing(go ahead - click on the title... take the test -- come back and tell me how you did!!!) ... so I thought, sure, why not? Let's see what kind of mom I am... In a short time I received an answer via email...

"'Your quiz results make you: Pretty in the City Mom

You might have a subscription to both Parenting Magazine and Vogue. While picking up a darling Easter outfit for your tyke at Bloomingdale's you're tempted to grab a pair of Manolo Blahniks for your own tootsies. You are a fabulous mom, and you take care of yourself fabulously, too. '"


Ok... I find neither Parenting or Vogue interesting (Not that they are not, I've just passed my young child/look like a sex-bomb days long ago.)

My kids haven't worn "Easter outfits" since my young child/look like a sex-bomb days.

Being a single mom for many years, I never have shopped, nor if I had the money, would I shop at Bloomie's and wear Manolo Blah blahs... I can buy more shoes for the same amount that would last longer at my local shoe store. I know, sex-bombs would shop there - there's nothing wrong with that - and probably enjoy it. Any of you who know me, know I hate shopping (and just how MUCH I hate shopping -- just ask my girls) and it would just not happen.

However, I must agree with the statement "You are a fabulous mom." I am. Just ask my kids! And once I get the kids completely raised, I'll work on taking care of myself fabulously again and just MAYBE go back to being a sex bomb. Don't know if I want to work that hard again, though... being a sex bomb got me into the spot of being a single mom of 3 and working my ass off to raise them. Hmmm.... correlation?

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