06 December 2006

Want to make a Hero's day? Write a Letter!!!

My fearless leader from Soldiers' Angels has just sent out an updated address for anyone interested in joining the Letter Writing Team at Soldiers' Angels.
You may sign up for 1 name a week, or 3 names a day or anything in between. Who knows? Maybe you'll end up on my team! ;) I now have a Platoon of writers (26 in all) that I coordinate. I can handle a few more!
Check out the link... get involved! Make a difference! Do it or I'll kick your ass. :)
Seriously folks, check it out... no obligation, no spam mail. Just a great organization of people who want to make sure the Heroes doing their job (whether we like it or not) know there are people who care.
If you can't get the link above to work, I've included one you can copy/paste into your browser... have a great day!!!

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