14 December 2006

Ok, I have NOT been sharing...

and I am NOT one bit sorry about it... I've had a glorious secret for a couple weeks and I was just enjoying it for the moment... but now I'm going to burst if I don't tell...

My Favorite Medic Hero has called me!!! Yes, on the phone. (He's not telepathic - here's your sign.) He wanted to speak with "his" Angel. (Who am I to tell a Hero he can't do something? I've SEEN their weapons!)

It was for about 20 minutes, I was at work (which is sometime in the middle of the evening for him) and I am proud to say that I got absolutely nothing else done for the rest of that day! :) It was very cool.

Thank you Hero!!! You save the world AND make an Angel happy, all in one day! You're the Best!!! *hugs*

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