17 December 2006

IraqiMuscle.com - they're making better progress than I am!

In doing my Angeling tonight, I received word from my Leader about a couple Buckeye Boys (Woo Hoo!!!) who are on a road to self-improvement while deployed. They have also donated to Soldiers' Angels by the making of hats and shirts for purchase. Now isn't that the coolest thing to take a year where you're not in the best circumstances and turn it into a positive reinforcement for your life???

Check out their site... sign the GuestBook... contact them about hats and shirts... it's all for a good cause!!! I can't wait to get mine!!! Will update you as I find out more... Great job Heroes!!! We can see a difference already... looking very buff! ;) Very proud of all of you!!! Stay Strong -- Be Safe!!!

Miss B

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