26 December 2006

And once again, my spirits are lifted...

with the always too fleeting chat with my favorite Medic Hero this afternoon. My mood was so dark, to the point where the other folks in the office knew instinctively to just not speak with me today. I was offered a hug by the office manager (it's a happy office) which was met by a terse "No." by me and the realization that no, I did not need a hug.

Anyhow, chatting with my Hero from halfway across the world brightened my day and brought the first smile to my face for 2 days, unbeknownst to him. And we were even discussing some heavy stuff that concerns me, but that's another chat for another day.

I was just thrilled to hear from him, as always. He doesn't know how much he inspires me. Thanks Hero! :)

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