04 December 2006

And my world stops for a moment...

Every morning, I read the military news blog to catch up on what's going on over yonder. As you know, I have about a dozen Heroes in different areas that I correspond with (and of course, worry about). Usually (thankfully!) the happenings are in areas where my folks are not that close. Occasionally something happens with one and we have a scare until I get a letter or an email to say "hey" and I know they're ok again for the moment.

This morning, I'm reading a story about yet another bombing. Not in Iraq as usual, but in the southern part of Afghanistan where one of my closest Heroes is deployed. Reading further in, I see the name of the city in which this person is actually situated. Words cannot describe the drop in my stomach, the intake of breath and the immediate spinning of my head. (And not in the usual "My head is going to spin off my shoulders" rant I go on when I get frustrated with something.)

Immediately, I shoot off an email, just to make sure he's still there. Of course, he's BUSY over there (as they all are) and I KNOW that I may not hear from him for awhile. I know a general schedule, so I wait impatiently all morning and into the afternoon, feeling a dull ache beginning in my head that just sits there in the background gnawing at me.

Finally, as I'm at lunch (of course time stamped 2 MINUTES after I leave - :) ) I get a reply. A very sweet, touched and thankful reply that lets me know he's ok and he's worried about us back here. God love him!

And now I can breathe.

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