10 November 2006

A Horse is a Horse, of course, of course... unless you're me!

My boss owns horses (race/breed). His house is just up the road from where the office/plant is, so we're allowed to go up during our lunch and visit the horses. They were very friendly, and apparently very hungry. One nipped me right through my sweatshirt. I've got a blood blister about the size of one horse tooth and a 1.5 in radius bruise. It's still a bit tender to touch it but the constant throbbing pain has now left. You'll be so proud -- I behaved, I did NOT punch the horse in the nose as I wanted to. (Figured I'd probably get fired for that) The horse bite is healing nicely. The bruise should be gone by 2008. They did, however tell me it was not covered under workmen's comp. :) Only I could get bit by a horse at work! Welcome to my world.

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