17 November 2006

And it is ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I may have been a little off in my count of Michigan fans at work. There are exactly 2 of us in the office: myself, and Ben the Scale Master. We have taken quite a bit of guff from all the immature, self-centered Buckeye fans this morning. Things such as "Michigan Sucks" and "What did the Michigan cheerleader say after she got done having sex? Get off me dad you're crushing my cigarettes!" You know, juvenile hash-slinging that bonds everyone in the office.

Ben actually gets it worse than I do, as he deals with all the outside drivers coming in who feel that even though they don't know him, have the right (because he's wearing the winning colors), to say anything they want to him. BE STRONG BEN - I'M HERE FOR YA BUDDY!!!

The yard guys are split a little better. We hire a lot of out-of-town kids that work out in the bagging area that are going to school at a local ag-diesel college, a lot of whom are originally from MI. They are the coolest! We do, however have a few local fluff who think that just because they grew up in Ohio means they have to root for them. Silly man-children.

My boss tells me I just like controversy, and choosing the opposite team for an argument. *sniff* How cold! I've liked MI the same for all the years I can remember, even through the bad ones. I don't waffle. I will never convert to Buckeyeism. Ever.

I know what all the statistics say, and all the hype from the "scoreboard" people. I just plain don't care. I've seen things happen that defy all logic in college football, and I expect this game will be no different. Ohio will choke because they're used to being in the top, they'll get high and mighty and then the errors will begin...

I sent an email to my mentor (who is a staunch OSU fan) that simply said "Go Blue!" . My reply, and I'm so hurt that she would say this to ME, was "Don't you mean Go Blow? GO BUCKS!!! " Marsha, dear, bite me (and I mean that in the most loving, best friend type way when two people are great fans of rival schools). :)

Less than 30 hours to game time... I've got the cheese dip and little smokies ready! We'll see...

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